Meet Arijit Dutta

Pioneer In Wealth Creation Online From a Non-Business Background

During his university days, Arijit Dutta found himself going back and forth majority of his time prioritizing between 9-5 job and starting a business on his own. As a result of such thinking, he could hardly trust the education system that taught "Employee Lifestyle".

After dropping out from his university, Arijit Dutta found himself running with $0 on a month to month basis, totally unemployed and broke. He finally decided to get into consulting services with a meagre amount of money for managing services. It became a stepping stone for his life. From making $0 to making $500 per month in India. Desperate to find a way out from his financial burden, Arijit Dutta turned to the internet and discovered multiple ways to make money on the internet right from his home.

Gather as much knowledge as you can

Back in the day, the only thing Arijit Dutta was so much passionate about was digital means of marketing. So using the knowledge out there on the internet he started finding ways to make it happen. With a $10 price tag, his first website was launched on the internet.

Fast forward to three months, Arijit Dutta received a PayPal notification for payment received worth $67. That was when he realized its possible to create a business out of this. That moment carved deep roots into his mind and that provided him more sales down the road.

Through online programs and consulting, Arijit Dutta reached 10's and 1000's of people online

Arijit Dutta is the CEO and founder of Flavours of Digital - a global consulting brand that educates individuals and businesses how to grow, scale and become profitable in an online business.