Local SEO

Local SEO corresponds with your business when searched locally by your potential customers. By leveraging Local SEO solutions you can get more customers calling you directly for your products and services.

Let's Get More Customers Locally

We all want to get more customers for our business right! 

With more and more businesses going online… its becoming competitive for a small business owner to inline with top leading competitors. That is where we come to play…

About 47% of Google searches results from local searches globally. Whether it be local restaurant, Gym membership enrollment, Chiropractor Adjustment, you name it… People are searching every single moment of their lives.

And it is very difficult to ignore the fact that using local SEO services you can easily attract the right customer at the right time with the right strategies…

Local and Organic SEO Solutions

Here comes our Local and Organic search engine optimization package. This is a process through which we rank websites on Google.


This is done through various white hat SEO strategies. Once every new business goes through our process of analysis, then we chalk out a report with potential keywords they can use to rank their business site.


How We Are Different

For that our methods of ranking are quite different from what others do. 

This is done by implementing a series of strategies in hope of ranking higher on Google. When someone searches for 

[Your Business Keyword] + “Near Me”.. 

Guess who shows on first position…

…Your business shows up

As we know, Google being the #1 search engine on this planet, it controls majority of the traffic. 

About 88% of total searches are done either from a mobile device or directly visiting the business. 

How We Build Backlinks

Out of those 88%, about 86 of them look up the location to confirm their decision on Google.

And 92% of them picks the first option they see in the first page.

Once we finish up the process of analyzing your business, then we start researching for potential keywords that we think would benefit your business.

If on the other hand, you already went through Local SEO services for your website, you probably must have a  targeting list somewhere…


How We Do Keyword Research

We can simply leverage keywords provided by you to find more easy opportunities.

Or we could build-out a SEO report that’s tailored to your business needs.

Here are some of the ways through which we find local search keywords.

We use certain SEO keyword research tools and analyze your current position in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). 

Using those data, we compile a list of potential keywords that could help you rank higher


We Optimize For Local and Organic Search Engine Results

Our team then goes through a series of questions with you and figures out what keyword are best suited for you. We do keep an eye on your competitors as well. 

Its likely that your competitors might be ranking for profitable keywords that you might wanna target. We keep track of that and help you identify key areas that might get you on top of your competitors for those specific LSI keywords. 

To understand the ins and outs of optimizing your business fully, we don’t charge an arm and leg, similar to what larger agencies do. Instead we provide flexible solutions for our clients.

Based on all these factors, the first thing we do is to provide you with a Local and Organic SEO report. Upon verifying, you provide us with a feedback as to whether you want to rank for those keywords or you want to turn up a notch.

Our Pricing Approach

Our pricing tier structure is pretty simple and pocket friendly. We price our services based on these factors : 

  • Hourly Rate : we charge on an hourly basis and our hours are totally based on the overall population of your target keywords.
    The more the monthly searches, the more time it takes
  • To validate time and money we use multiple licensed contractors from across the globe. This gives us more legs to work with in short amount of time.

If you want to know the average price point a local SEO client offers to pay, it comes to $1,499 per month. We highly encourage you to set up an appointment call with us today, if you want to learn more. 

3 websites designed by Flavours of Digital layered mockup 500x500 px

Implementing Stage

Here at Flavours of Digital, our specialized team creates a to do list before jumping into integrations. We schedule tasks based on priority for each business and it varies.

If you want to populate your current website with content for social promotions. We consider that as our 1st priority task. 

We will create listings for your business and check mark all the ethical ways to start link building. Thus ensuring long term sustainability for our SEO efforts. 

We also understand the fact that, for your business to win online, we must your business shows up for local searches.

Our process looks like this…

  • GMB Listing (Google My Business) – This ensures that you show up for specific local SEO searches in your industry. This also helps us to boost on-page SEO in the future. 
  •  Then we move on to our next phase of analysis, that is to figure out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats from local competitors. 
  • The last phase of our research concludes with brand monitoring, off-page SEO and directory listing.

Measuring Local and Organic SEO Performance

We measure our SEO efforts on the basis of reports. Upon reviewing the current position for each keyword, we then decide what should be our next move…

If we see an uprising trend on a particular category of keywords then we tend to move ahead with that category and start focusing on working with other categories at the same time. 

Usually this takes about 1 month of data analysis and group sessions. 

The targeted keywords that we choose at the beginning of our proposal are then tracked through certain modern marketing tools, like SEO Pros, Ubersuggest, SemRush and so on. 

Our team at Flavours of Digital delivers these results on your monthly reports so that you can see if we are spending your money wisely. 

Apart from that we also use Google Analytics to re-optimize your on-page SEO. Once we have enough data (2-3 months), we then use that data which is provided by Google themselves and use them to our advantage. 

Our team will then compile an executive SEO report by the end of each month where we communicate all of our optimization strategies and keyword rankings for that month. 

This report consists of information regarding ranking factors, analytics, PR status, social media status and so on. This is to give you a birds eye view of how well your chosen keywords are performing. 

Amplifying Local SEO strategies

In order to amplify our Local SEO efforts, we also recommend business owners to use social media engagers (Images, videos and Infographics). 

With more and more customers engaging on our website due to images and videos, its hard to acquire someone’s attention with just texts. 

Our team understands this phenomenon and thus suggests you to provide image content from your diaries so that we can use it to our advantage. 

We have a specialized designer team working in the backend to design creatives that fits your brand.

We also help our clients to understand different usage of social media for long term sustainability on the internet. 

 Images : Images are those type of media that grabs attention from the cluster of texts. Photographs showing the true essence of what type of service your business provides is a great way to convince someone. This also gives a bit of trust factor that helps skim through paragraphs. 

Videos : Video marketing is one of our KPIs. Giving your visitors the option to watch a 10 minute long video will provide you to build trust in your audience. 

Moreover if they can tangibly see what they are opting into, it does make an impact and thus shortens the overall time for conversion. Having videos in your website also gives Local SEO an adrenaline boost as it amplifies the overall time spent on a particular website. 

In short, more the time spend on your website, the more your website will rank higher on Google. In SEO terms we call this bounce rate. 

Infographics : In a world of short attention span everyone’s in a hurry to grab a quick bite while they are running for office. Similar happens for your website. If your audience doesn’t get what they were looking for they simply bounce back to Google for help. 

You might be wondering… well they visited the website right! So, what’s wrong with that…?

Well, the first thing Google takes into account is the total time spent by 1 visitor on your website. If that’s less compared to your competitors, then Google’s gonna de-rank your site for those specific keywords. 

The good news on the other hand is that, Flavours of Digital team will create eye catching infographics for your business needs and show off your brand in the form of an infograph. This will reduce your website bounce rate eventually.


Reporting and Analysis

Here at Flavours of Digital, we have got a glimpse of how well reporting and  analysis works for our Local and Organic SEO clients. 

We are currently ranking for keywords like “digital marketing company in kolkata”, “Flavours of Digital”, “marketing company in kolkata”, “digital marketing company” because we took a note from our reporting and stats inside Google Analytics.

So if you book a call with one of our SEO team member, we would gladly create a custom strategy for your business. 

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